Intimidating prowess


Heading into the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the Penguins were filled with confidence, poise, and leadership.

They got off to a flying start, shutting out the #8 New York Islanders 5-0 in their first playoff game.

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No description can do justice to Bogie’s wonderful use of colors for these three pieces.They come together on an almost annual basis, mounting shows of mostly large-scale paintings.I have seen some pretty important pieces come out of these SM Art Center displays. The show’s title plays on the word utopia, the ideal social, political, and moral state.For the record, I’m a diehard Philadelphia Flyers fan, so it might seem biased for me to write about the Penguins losing.But Penguins fans will agree that after a season with astronomical expectations, an elimination in the Eastern Conference Finals at the hands of the Boston Bruins was a disappointing outcome.There’s a good reason why we’re missing Biboy Delotavo’s murals for this show.

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