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That leaves only 10% saying the effects will never happen, down from 16% last year and the lowest since 2007.A third key indicator of public concern about global warming is the percentage of U. adults who believe the phenomenon will eventually pose a serious threat to them or their way of life.Nearly six in 10 (59%) today say the effects have already begun, up from 55% in March 2015.Another 31%, up from 28% in 2015, believe the effects are not currently manifest but will be at some point in the future.Democrats' concern is up slightly less, from 78% to 84%.Democrats and independents also show double-digit increases in the percentages attributing warmer temperatures to human activities.However, Americans are now expressing record- or near-record-high belief that global warming is happening, as well as concern about the issue.

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S., imply that more than an estimated 10 million adults now identify as LGBT in the U. today, approximately 1.75 million more compared with 2012. Across the five years of data collection, more than 49,000 respondents said "yes" when asked, "Do you, personally, identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender?

This analysis is based on interviews with a random sample of more than 1.6 million U. " Millennials, defined here as those born between 19, drive virtually all of the increases observed in overall LGBT self-identification.

This represents a striking 10-percentage-point increase in the past year and is four points above the previous high of 61% in 2007.

All Party Groups Show Increased Concern Concern about global warming has increased among all party groups since 2015, although it remains much higher among Democrats than Republicans and independents.

The portion of that generation identifying as LGBT increased from 5.8% in 2012 to 7.3% in 2016.

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