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On 4 October Weininger was found mortally wounded, having shot himself in the chest.He died in the Sex and Character argues that all people are composed of a mixture of male and female substance, and attempts to support this view scientifically.

While the book was not received negatively, it did not create the expected stir.Otto Weininger was born on 3 April 1880 in Vienna, a son of the Jewish goldsmith Leopold Weininger and his wife Adelheid.After attending primary school and graduating from secondary school in July 1898, Weininger registered at the University of Vienna in October of the same year.Parts of his rhetoric were used by the Nazi regime (while at the same time denouncing him) – though this arguably cannot be held against him.Despite all criticisms Weininger was held to be a great genius by the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein and the writer August Strindberg (see discussion below).Via Dresden and Copenhagen he made his way to Christiania (Oslo) where he for the first time saw Henrik Ibsen's liberation drama Peer Gynt on stage.

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