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the punctuation and sentence structure alone had me ready to throttle someone. FOR THE RECORD, JUST FOR ALL YOU INCONSIDERATE FUCKS ON HERE.

and that she doesnt really see what the big deal is anyhow so basically her pets life is worth more than someone elses pet. i did NOT say that ANY dog would cats, i said any dog thats not raised with cats, its their natural instinct, they dont know any better. and no, my pets life is not worth more than anybody elses, and it IS a big deal, but my dog shouldnt be droyed!

You give requirements for animals just as you provide a caregiver with instructions regarding your. asked you to clarify and you have chosen over and over again to react like a nimwit.

If that isnt condoning what your dog did, I dont know what is. it is not right, and i accept all punishments and fines and i willing to do whatever it takes to make it right with the cat owner, who i personally know. So, my dogs some neighborhood cats, and no, I dont condone this in any way, however, I dont see it as as big of a deal as its being made into. you might want to consider rructuring that sentence if you dont intend the reader to think that you dont think its a big deal. Its people like you who make it hard on the r of us who try to own bannable dogs responsibly. get your shit straight and just stay out of my business. ha @ skippy but but she asked us NOT to be rude didnt you read her post???? this is ridiculous, there IS more to the story on my dog, you dont know all the facts. posted your business for the whole world to see and comment on dumbass. if all you are going to do is continue to put down my efforts to save a dogs life, then fuck you. If you were a responsible owner your dog wouldnt be facing euthanasia. i dont want to be rude and get into arguements with people i dont even know. Do you love watching horny vagina shows or hot whores who need your dig for getting happy?Use our community to make lustful free contacts in Leadore.Quite an ordinary one really beautiful and at first sight russian mail order bride is witty and has.

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