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That said, I can always pull into the boat (permanent boat blind) and put the heater on him. I have hunted her down to as low as 10 degrees and she just hops in the boat blind a bit sooner.

I toss the empty slotted decoy bags down on the floor for her to lay on.

How often I see people jogging with their labs in heat and high humidity, and I will talk to new young hunters that think their lab is a walrus when it comes to the cold.

Lots of variables in regards to hypothermia and the dog being comfortable, a couple of them are:1) how much fat the dog has.

My lab is roughly 60 pounds and I'm thinking 20 degrees and wet is on the edge to cold but wanted to get all your thoughts. It is not an issue fora few hours after she first gets wet.

I always have a vest on him but he sits on the front of the boat and would be bit exposed to wind. After a while she gets cold enough she comes inside the boat blind and either sits or lays down in front of the heater.

They help insulate her a bit from the cold of the aluminum deck.

She loves the warmth and stays there until the next birds are shot.

Most I see in pictures do not fit correctly, they are too loose but at least they will break the wind when the dog is out of the water.

When a dog gets hot, it's tongue gorges with blood and swells up. It sounds like as long as I pay attention to him and have the ability to warm him if needed, it should be fine. Sent from my i Pad using Tapatalk HD I think it's important to consider what temps they are used to also.

When the dog gets really hot, it's tongue gets too big for it to fit in it's mouth. I regularly hunt my dog in single digit temps but he lives mostly outside and is used to being and working in the cold.

Hey guys, I'm curious, at what temps are you finding it's too cold to hunt your dog?

We get plenty of days where the river is open with no ice but the air temp is around 20 degrees.

Something I've not seen mentioned is insulation between Pup and cold/wet surfaces, I use fatigue mats to keep mine up off the aluminum boat deck and natural vegetation, such as cedar boughs to get them up off the ground and let water drain away from them.

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