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Likewise I have not seen much of Julian Schwarzer (Mark's boy) .

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He not only broke up play with well timed tackles but marshalled the defence all night.It is crucial to have confidence in your keeper and the mistakes are less. That goal last night was special - rolled one defender, side stepped another with a perfect touch to set up a quality disguised strike. [ Post a Reply to this Message ][ Edit | View ] Replies: So true mate and I know 'What ifs' don't help us today but what if Craig Kline (aka Mini Magath) had not been allowed back to the club or preferably not been born.I can't wait for him to be fully fit; the prospect of what he can then do is frightening. (NT) -- Spigs, Sunday, February 25, pm (b0f9d1d7sky.com/ Real good feeling about our Team at this time - I'm sure we're far more harmonious post the 'Mini Magath' (like it! I think all three winter additions strengthen the squad with quality, in positions we needed - not some farcical 'moneyball' fantasy.Wolves stated the first 15 to 20 minutes of the second half in great counter attacking mode; just after half time is a time when we have looked fragile earlier this season, but the defence organized by Kevin gave their best collective display this season.You can see the togetherness and fight for each other getting stronger each week, which compliments our quality style of football which is consistently good.The midfield 3 of Mac Donald, Cairney and Johansen are an absolute joy to watch.

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