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The article assumes you are familiar with building applications with Visual Studio. You are invited to play with the ideas presented here and feel free to comment on them. Variables should be declared as the most descriptive type possible.

It is the sketch of a part of my upcoming Apress book on Whidbey.

The service returns database data in XML datasets with an embedded schema and it accepts strongly typed datasets to update the database.

A windows forms application can work with this web service and edit the data in a datagrid.

A third version of the webservice just passes the basic XML, without any decoration or schema, as a plain string.

Reading the data from the dataset in this format is a matter of using one of its other methods: You need a String Reader to read the xml string and a Xml Text Reader to get it into the dataset.

I don't have to start a new project for every new web-service.

In one of my contributions for the dotnetjunkies I have described in detail a webservice which works with strongly typed datasets.

When it comes to building web services you can publish your data as strongly typed (using XSD) datasets.

Whether this is always desired is a different matter.

The compiler will trip over the imported typed dataset class.

The compact framework does not support typed datasets at all.

The method is identical to its partner except the dataset passed in being typed less strict.

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