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John Crandall was the minister of the Salem church, but he adopted the opinions of the Baptists, which were very obnoxious to the Congregationalists, and in the autumn of 1635 he was dismissed as pastor.As did so many others of the early Baptists of New England he determined to settle in the Narragansett country.The first valid documentary account of John Crandall in New England shows him to have been actively identified with the Baptist Church in Newport, July 21, 1651.

He has been called one of the founders of Providence.The “Journal of American History” gives the following sketch of the life of Elder John Crandall, which is substantially correct with the probable exception of the account of his activities prior to 1651 As early as 1635 Rev.John Crandall, who is believed to have been of Welsh ancestry, was living in Salem where, as elsewhere in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, there was at this time much opposition to all dissenters from the authorized tenets of the Puritans.He had a half a square assigned to him at Westerly in 1661, was deputy in 1667 and again in 1670-71, He died in Newport having moved there on account of the Indian War._____________________________ From: Elder John Crandall of Rhode Island and His Descendants, by John Cortland Crandall, New Woodstock, New York, 1949 , Colonial pioneer, First Baptist Elder, Deputy Commissioner, and statesman of Newport and Westerly, Rhode Island, the head of the Crandall family in America, was born in Monmouthshire, England, on the line between England and Wales in 1612. He came to Boston within a very few years after the landing of the Pilgrims, in 1634.He was certainly living in Providence as early as 1637.

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