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Now over the next 6 tips I will be helping you figure out what it is you should be sharing, but for now focus on the length being between 200 and 300 words.

Lady’s your online dating profile is not the time to be Chatty Catty it is the time to be focused and deliberate with what you share and how you share it. Your reader has an attention span of a gnat (no offense).

I know, I know what to write, what to share and really do I have to!?! You are seeking to attract someone and they want to know about you.

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Think of your online dating profile as the advertising copy.For the past 15 years I have been helping my clients, friends and family with online dating.Over the last decade not only have I used online dating successfully but so have those I have coach, as well as many happy couples I have met along the way."The sample of e Harmony couples was not a random or representative sample, but were instead taken from a group of self-selecting couples who were more likely to report positively on their marital satisfaction," the ASA said.The decision comes months after a passenger on London's Tube complained about an e Harmony poster. It's time science had a go at love." Additional text claimed that users could "stack the odds of finding lasting love entirely in [their] favor" with a "scientifically proven matching system." "Although we respectfully disagree with the ASA's findings, we are happy to work with them to assure that our advertising is as clear as possible," said Romain Bertrand, managing director at e Harmony UK.To lead online daters through the twists and turns and to help them avoid the pitfalls of online dating I was inspired to write my forthcoming book, “Click – The Ultimate ‘How To’ Guide to Online Dating”.

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