Dating an ice queen


She is described as a wizened, cunning old woman with a wicked wit and a sharp tongue, earning her the moniker 'Queen of Thorns'.According to her granddaughter Margaery, she is not the most patient of women.Although Mace is originally inclined to accept the offer, Olenna belabors her son and talks him out of it, arguing that Cersei is too old and too used for Willas.Tywin learns about this from Lord Varys and shares the information with Tyrion, but orders Tyrion not to tell Cersei about the reason and rather act as if the offer has never been made.Before the wedding feast in the throne room, Olenna approaches Sansa and expresses her condolences over the deaths of her brother, King Robb Stark, and mother, Lady Catelyn Stark, at the Red Wedding.While she talks with her, Olenna puts Sansa's messy hair in order and straightens the hair net that Sansa has received from Dontos and which he told her to wear at the wedding.Olenna is present at the wedding of her granddaughter Margaery and King Joffrey at the Great Sept of Baelor.In the wedding procession after the ceremony, Ser Kevan Lannister escorts her out of the sept.

She regrets that she did not have a chance to beat her son Mace more often when he was a child, as that would have made him more ready to heed her advice when he became an adult.

Later, Olenna makes a snide remark about how often "The Rains of Castamere" is being performed during the wedding feast.

When Joffrey begins to choke, she calls for help and later comforts Margaery.

The electricians who were tasked with replacing 6,500 plug sockets, 20 miles of skirting board and ten miles of water pipes later found themselves placed in an unfounded time capsule.

Three cigarette packets from popular 19th century brands, Piccadilly Number One, Player's Navy Cut and ' Wild Woodbines', were found hidden under the floor.

WORKMEN fixing electrics at Buckingham Palace were shocked to stumble on a trove of Victorian relics.

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