Guys infected with herpes and telling girls you are dating


So what have we been doing for 12-13 years to protect him?

First, we…I thought I would add to this and keep it going. I just got the news shortly after my engagement to my fiance. I’ve had this for years, but the symptoms were mild so I didn’t know it was herpes.

I’m a really outgoing guy, I wear my heart on my sleeve, and have very few secrets. I’ve taken 5 different girls out so far, had the talk with all of them.…I’m a female and I felt like I’d be alone cause I had herpes and would be less desirable.

I had told him about my herpes and that I didn’t really have many OBs.

We started out using condoms, but after time stopped using them.

I wasn’t sure if i would ever find anyone that would accept me. Here it is: I don’t believe condoms protect you from herpes; I’ve read too many posts (‘way too many!

) by people who got it while using one–males and females.

I dealt with wondering who I could trust and confide in.

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