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Outpatient sex offender treatment is offered by the Saskatoon Health Region.

Those who do receive federal sentences may be referred to either a moderate or high-intensity sex offender program, even though they haven’t committed a hands-on offence. For example, Shane Dale Pattison (who, after receiving one of the highest child porn related sentences in Saskatchewan history, allegedly re-offended upon his release), did not qualify for sex offender treatment while serving his five-year prison term.

That means a child sex or child porn offender must receive a federal sentence to have a chance at getting in-custody sex offender treatment.

Most child porn offenders get provincial jail time and have to wait until their sentences are over to receive outpatient treatment as part of either parole or probation conditions, Nolin says.

Dave Feick walks around the top floor of a converted duplex in Saskatoon’s Pleasant Hill neighbourhood, pointing to a small, empty meeting room.

Both Seto and Nolin agree that suppressing pedophiliac thoughts and feelings could do more harm than good.Jared Clarke, a six-year member of the RCMP’s Internet Child Exploitation unit, doesn’t buy that argument.“Every time an image of that child is viewed, that child is re-victimized,” he says.While some pedophiles might view child porn as a substitute for actually touching a child, for others, it could also be an incitement, says Seto.“They start wondering what it would be like to do it for real.” Seto and his colleagues reviewed several studies involving nearly 4,500 child porn offenders and found one in eight had a criminal record for direct sexual offending.Treating exclusive pedophiles who don’t have any other sexual interests is a greater challenge.“In essence, what society is asking of that person is to be celibate for the rest of their lives.Instead, Nolin says he believes pedophiles need to acknowledge that their brains are “hardwired” for these urges, and professionals need to ask “What can we do to prevent you from acting on them? ” IN-CUSTODY PROGRAMSThere is no Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) program geared specifically toward child porn or child sex offenders, a CSC spokesperson confirmed.

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