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Aren’t girls supposed try and lift each other, you think because she’s got millions of followers she’s not going to read the comments or get hurt by them!Shame on you girls @hollygshore you look absolutely stunning and I guarantee everyone who says a bad word would do anything to look like this haters guna hate.' (sic)Holly, meanwhile, has previously hit back at claims of surgeries and insisted the only cosmetic work she has opted for is a boob job when she was 18 years of age.Among them had been the beauty's rumoured new love interest Jacob Blyth.Commenting on Holly's latest post, he made sure to defend her over accusations of editing, while appearing to confirm their rekindled romance, as he insisted: 'I'm telling you from first hand as I get to see this on a regular basis, this photo isn't photo-shopped.'He and Holly were first linked last year, but reports had claimed things between the pair were 'cooling off' and they were on the brink of splitting.She insisted any other work, including botox and fillers, has been non-surgical.She underwent a huge transformation after shooting to stardom on Geordie Shore and dropped four dress sizes, from a size 16 to a svelte size 8, by following a strict training regime and diet plan.Now, it appears the duo have rekindled their relationship, as Holly Footballer Jacob, meanwhile, has shared snaps with Holly on his own Instagram page, including one of the pair in their swimwear while in a hot tub.

The duo had first got together shortly after his addition to the Geordie Shore cast for series eight, but split in series 11 of the show, during the cast's trip to Greece.

The couple tell their story in this week’s issue of When he was 2, I remember RJ standing by himself. He was sweet, had a great disposition and was always giving kisses and saying his few words. I noticed he ceased making eye contact and responding to his name without loud repetitive shouts. We would both have toy cars, and I had to crash into his car. The other day he said, ‘Mom, I know my name is Rodney Peete, but I don’t want to play football. I want to play piano.’ I could barely get him to discuss his day with me two years ago.

He had a glazed look in his eyes, like he was a million miles away. Later, when RJ came to my Panthers games, he was unable to grasp that amazing experience. A part of him thinks that I’m hard on him, but there’s that look in his eyes that tells me he craves structure and knows it comes from love. I will never forget that because one day he stopped. He will try any food now: salmon, brussels sprouts, salad.

Giving fans a taste of what is to come, Holly's bio on her page reads: 'This will be the only place you can see my exclusive glamour shoots and pictures that are a little too risqué for Instagram.'She is also seen posing suggestively in just a leather jacket, appearing to go braless underneath, and a pair of black briefs in her profile photo - showcasing her gym-honed frame and buxom bust.

Holly has already found herself with 3600 likes on the site and is often seen alluding to her daring posts via Twitter, teasing her followers with suggestive captions such as: 'It's cold outside,' and 'Baby got back.' No doubt fans will be intrigued by the content she is sharing, as she is already known for leaving little to the imagination on her Instagram page.

The view wasn’t too bad either.'Holly is often seen commenting on Jacob's Instagram posts and underneath one of him posing in just a pair of swim shorts, Holly agreed with another user that branded her a 'lucky lady.'Mail Online have contacted a representative for Holly.

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