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"Looks like something that was poured out and baked," said one taster.Serving Size: Three strips (84 grams)Fat: 8 grams Calories: 170Sodium: 350 milligrams Price: .99/8 ounces These are made with real chicken breast tenders, and are breaded with rice flour, tapioca dextrin, and cornstarch instead of wheat flour. The tasters found the breading to be mushy and the whole product to be overly soft with no crunch (seems to be a trend with Applegate), but the "real chicken" was a pleasant surprise and the overall flavor was good, with hints of onion and garlic and a nice hit of black pepper.The single “Last Word” host, 60, has been quietly dating the pretty midday anchor and rising star at the network for months.The duo have kept their relationship low-profile in the studio but have been spotted canoodling at downtown haunts.

Serving Size: Two tenders (84 grams)Fat: 4.5 grams Calories: 130Sodium: 350 milligrams Price: .49/8 ounces These large, meaty strips of chicken are made with whole-wheat flour, and are impressive to look at. There was a lot of breading (almost too much), but the flavor was just salty enough and nicely spicy.Tyson became the lineal champion in 1988 when he knocked out Michael Spinks in 91 seconds of the first round.He successfully defended his titles nine times, which included victories over Larry Holmes and Frank Bruno.We can see what they’re going for, trying out a liquid batter instead of the standard dry breading, but they came out looking more like fried fish, and, oddly enough, tasting like it, too."Tastes and looks fake and weird," said one taster, and others felt that it was "rubbery," and with a strange aftertaste.," we were left with one of the mushier samples we tried. Serving Size: One piece (129 grams)Fat: 12 grams Calories: 280Sodium: 570 milligrams Price: .99/25 ounces These were mushy with no crunch, and it’s clear from the grayish coloring that no chicken breast was used.

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