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Despite there had been rumors about him being sexually gay, there isn’t truth to the rumor.

A performer, he has toured around many different countries and as a result made a name for himself.

He has appeared in some TV shows and movies like: Leon: The Professional (1994), One True Thing (1998), Big Night (1996) etc.

and has got a huge fan following from different people around the world.

With an estimated body weight of about 80 kg, he has got a perfectly shaped body and has built it by working out regularly at the gym.

With proper care in his eating and resting habits, he is a person who follows the path of healthy living.

In these, Murphy recounts his misadventures as part of his brother Eddie's entourage, including encounters with various celebrities such as Rick James and Prince.

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Not much is known regarding his childhood or education, although it is known that he had been in jail for 10 months at a young age.Charles was born in New York City, United States of America and raised in Brooklyn.He was born in an Afro- American family, to a telephone operator mother named Lillian and his father Charles Edward Murphy, was a cop as well as a small time actor.Upon his release, he was sent to serve the United States Navy and served there for 6 years.Born and raised as an American, be belongs to black ethnicity. He measures about a 185 cm, which is more than 6 feet tall; a very good height for a person.He was the older brother of comedian Eddie Murphy and was the older half-brother of Vernon Lynch Jr.

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