Awkward friends dating

Matty stops the girl immediately and asks her to stay away when she offers to take it upstairs, but sadly Jenna has already left.Matty makes out with Jenna behind the dumpster at Bonfire night, and tells her that she's a good kisser, funny, and beautiful.

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He is also the younger brother of James Mc Kibben, who is an alcoholic and has been to rehab.Matty eventually takes all the pictures down at their school and explain that he wasn't insulting her, and was only trying to deflect the attention from her boobs.Jenna realizes that Matty was trying to be her hero after seeing her post and it ends with them kissing. Jenna is heartbroken when she sees Matty making out with another girl in the hot tub.I dreaded going back to work the Monday after my awkward date.I didn’t think my coworker with the bland name would make a big deal about our mishap (you can start reading about it here ) because she was higher up in the company than me and had more to lose.He is one of the most popular boys at Palos Hills High School and the best friend of Jake Rosati.

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