Dating a recently widowed woman

We can all conjure up doubts about who we are starting something with, and friends who might tell you it is too soon based on their conventions don't know what they are talking about unless they have been there. He has a young daughter at home and tons of responsbiblity that I do not have.No matter how careful you think you are being your relationship could crash and burn for any number of reasons - one of you could die tomorrow - but those are not reasons to stop something that seems very right from happening. I just met a man that lost his wife a few months ago. i have found he is not as open as i want him to be i have to ask the questions.When he asked me out I knew about this and it was a very big concern.However, he tells me that he did the majority of his grieving earlier this year when his wife started going downhill.I do know that he had a very rough time when she died because he told me he would cry until he would throw up.

He doesn't drink, doesn't say vulgarities with every breath and him and I both were raised baptists and think a lot alike in many areas.

Actually, we are together just about every minute that he is not working except we have not been together overnight since I have children living at home.

But we certainly have been intimate and it is so wonderful.

She was basically brain dead for the last 6 months of her life.

He has also told me that there were times in their marriage when they had talked about divorce but when she got sick he of course stayed with her.

The problem is I don't know if he is just latching on to me because he is so lonely or if I really am someone truly special to him.

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