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Part of the answer to that has to do with lack of inhibition.

The lack of inhibition may also be partly why blacks are also better singers, on average.

Part of singing ability is obviously voice, and also pitch.

But getting up on a stage and passionately singing your heart out also takes a certain lack of inhibition.

I’ve always thought that whites tend to act a little like Asians who’ve had a couple drinks, and blacks tend to act a little like whites who’ve had a couple drinks. But, on average, when it comes to how uninhibitedly people act, it tends to be true.

Think of some of the traits and behaviors you associate more with blacks than with whites: spontaneously breaking out into a dance, end zone celebrations, making lascivious comments on the street, high rates of violence, an emphatic manner of speaking, performing well on stage, and being warmer and friendlier when so inclined.

But, on average, there is a striking racial difference.

There are significant physical differences between the races that account for blacks outperforming in sports requiring speed and jumping ability.There are plenty of whites who are funny, but very few of them are uninhibited enough to get up on a stage and be relaxed to deliver their riffs in front of a large audience without being crippled by self-doubt.Call it shyness, or stage fright, or worry about the reception they going to get.Body language Blacks also tend to have more expressive body language.While speaking, they will often punctuate or emphasize their statements with a craning of the neck or exaggerated expressions.Think of the way Al Sharpton speaks, investing all sorts of words with extra, portentous meaning (which they may or may not be able to sustain). White people-type concerns–like worrying that their voices will crack, or fretting too much about how they’re coming across–rarely seem to enter their minds.

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