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He didn’t remember the wedding, until later, and by that time, he and Chelsea had gotten back together.When China demanded ,000, Nick told her he didn’t have it.Disgusted with Nick, she went on a date with his boss only to have Nick save her from his predatory behavior.She was still furious with him and, in a desperate attempt to prove how much he loved and respected her, he tried to tell her the truth about his rendezvous with her mother.The two got together, but after they made love, Chelsea realized she didn’t feel the same about him.Kate Roberts blackmailed Nick into falsifying DNA records stating that EJ Di Mera was the father of Sami Robert’s twins, threatening to tell all about the stolen hairbrush, if he didn’t comply.When he found her with Jett Carver, in the hot tub, and gave Nick the cold shoulder, Nick started gambling and won ,000.

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* Broken up with Chelsea and interested in Melanie Layton, went after Melanie, but was obsessed with her. * Engaged to Gabi Hernandez * Blackmailed Will Horton * Married Gabi at the Horton house. * Was hit in the head with a rock when he attacked Gabi.As he managed to solve her predicament, he started to get to know his relatives, the Horton's, better.What he hadn't expected was to meet the intriguing and troubled Chelsea Benson.* Killed Trent Robbins for Melanie, and then tried to pin it on Melanie. * Thought to be dead so Kate, Sami and Gabi threw him in the river.* Returned months later alive and with revenge on his mind.When they returned to Salem from Toronto, Chelsea found herself reevaluating him and started thinking of him as 'more than a friend' material.

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