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In fact, my husband and I originally used Craigslist while looking for a third partner, our ad “craigslist couple seeking woman” pulled in plenty of replies, just not the ones we wanted, and you need to think about health and safety on Craigslist.

We did meet with a couple of very nice girls, one rather young and rebellious, another around my age who was recently divorced.

We do not consider those failures, because we learned more about what we wanted. For every decent person, there are hundreds of liars, scammers, and even dangerous people.While trying to spice up their love life, many couples try to find new and interesting things to incorporate into the bedroom.Some are content with adding toys or trying different positions.While looking for a threesome partner, my husband and I stumbled across a multitude of interesting individuals.One woman seemed great: she knew a lot of information, had experience in threesomes, and was into a lot of the same stuff we were.For one thing, there are plenty of scams and creeps on Craigslist.

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