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s (SDE) statewide public school information system, including, starting October 1, 2007, by reporting on at least (1) student experiences in preschool by program type and number of months in the program and (2) student readiness for, and progress in, kindergarten.

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Adopt written policies and procedures, approved by the school medical officer, if school board allows a school nurse or other authorized personnel to give students medicine or allows a student to self-administer medicine.

Adopt effective method of notifying parents and guardians of students who are suspended or expelled within 24 hours of the time the student is excluded from school.

Annually determine the age and number of children of compulsory school age.

Starting July 1, 2009, require student suspensions to be in-school suspensions unless the school administration determines, at the required informal suspension hearing, that the student (1) poses a danger to persons or property or (2) is so disruptive of the educational process, that an out-of-school suspension is warranted.

Notify students, parents, and guardians annually of student conduct policies.

A school district or elementary school that fails to make adequate yearly progress (AYP) for two successive years must be evaluated by the education commissioner.

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