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What does Information and Communication Technology (ICT)mean? It means the antivirus will detect new viruses if it is updated. How can you replace multiple wrong with correct ones at a time in MS Word? Ans:-ICT stands for information and communication Technology. Ans:-Start → Control panel → System and maintenance → Welcome center → View computer details. Ans:-Viruses are small program which hide themselves on disk. A Folder is a container on a disk where files can be stored. • Empty recycle bin to delete data (You will be lost all data forever). Open the Virus program and look for “Update”, “Check for updates”, “Live Update”, or something similar. [update:] Here is a page on what commands I used to update my letsencrypt certificates – LETSENCRYPT SSL CERTIFICATE RENEWAL COMMAND [update 2]: letsencrypt-auto has been renamed to certbot.Choosing the Web framework that best fits the requirements is not an easy task for developers.Several frameworks now exist to develop Web applications, such as Struts, JSF, Ruby on Rails, Grails, Cake PHP, Django, and Catalyst.However, Lift is a relatively new framework that emerged in 2007 for the Scala programming language and which promises a great number of advantages and additional features.

This stands for information technology and telecommunications. How can you protect against computer virus infection?

What is the procedure of inserting Symbols in an MS Word document? Open the MS Word → Click the Insert tab →Click Symbols and select “more symbols” →Select desired symbols and click Insert button. How can you add automatic page numbering in the header of an Ms Word document?

Write down the keyboard shortcuts for the following functions:- a) Making fonts bold: b) Making fonts underlines: c) Making fonts italic: d) Increasing font size: e) Making a paragraph right –aligned: Ans: a) Ctrl B b) Ctrl U c) Ctrl I d) Ctrl Shift or Ctrl ] e) Ctrl R 10.

Hence this blog post – I’m keeping my command here ready for a refresh !

I’m assuming that the old certs will be moved aside and the symbolic links in /etc/letsencrypt/live will be updated to automatically use the new refreshed certs. Might also need to “git pull” updates to letsencrypt before I start in 3 months time too.

This install option uses the webroot area to create a temporary html file that the installation script can then see externally via a web request – proving that this really is the location of the host name you are asking for.

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