No registering naughty chatrooms


Mystic Island's Frequently Asked Questions The following is a collection of information to assist players at Mystic Island. Unless of course you're one of those party goers that everyone dreads seeing walk through the door.

If you have an item that you would like to contribute to this FAQ, please email it to [email protected]*New Players*1. Once you have installed the software you need to register a nickname. Typically stay away from swearing, talk of drug use, your sex life (or lack thereof) and anything that most reasonable adults would find tacky.

It's also a bit annoying when players insist on subjecting everyone else to their drawn out song lyrics.

Remember, everyone in that lobby is seeing what you're typing.

Let's get clear though on what constitutes harassment.It also tends to drown out advertisements and other conversations. Please also refrain from using picture macros in the lobbies.The use of all caps will also get you a frown from the sysops.In a nutshell, act like an adult and show respect for the other Islanders and you'll never hear a word from a sysop about your behavior. My current pass is about to expire, I've bought another one but the server is still telling me mine is about to expire! The problem here is that your future pass isn't active yet and the server doesn't see the "pending" pass that will be activated as soon as your current one expires.In most cases, this is not a problem, because as soon as your current pass expires, your new one kicks in and the server recognizes it.However, if you have questions and are unsure that your new pass is stored and awaiting activation, please contact Pokah.5. Unfortunately there are rare occasions when it is necessary for Mystic to take action on an account.

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