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That should have been the end of their nesting season, but Emoyeni had other ideas! The first egg hatched on September 28, 2013, and since the second egg was due October 2, it is most likely nonviable.

This is the second time Emoyeni has laid a second clutch of eggs.

To quote Libby Woodcock, former Director of Black Eagle Project Roodekrans when it looked like Emoyeni might lay a second clutch "It is way too late in the breeding season for them to lay again.

For starters it will severely interfere with next years breeding cycle.

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Emoyeni laid eggs this year on April 15 and 19, respectively.

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The problem being is the juvenile MAY be chased from the area sooner as the new season starts mid Feb.

If the juvenile has not had the full 3 months of learning survival skills with the adults there is a good chance it will be unable to survive on its own in the wild.

In 1994, Emoyeni made the history books by laying an unheard of second clutch, and the following year again for laying a history making 3 egg clutch, which is extremely rare for Black Eagles.

In 1994, the eaglet was chased from the territory before he was prepared to survive in the wild and was killed by a caracal.

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