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A good way to transition is to introduce yourself to your neighbors; you’ll be seeing them a lot this coming year.When engaging in small talk, you will more than likely get asked, “What’s your major?For example, if you’re a finance major trying to get a job at PWC or Deloitte, then you will have to have a high work ethic, followed by an impressive resume with a strong educational background.At most other companies though, your degree doesn’t hold as much weight.Especially after interning for a Fortune 500 company this past summer, I learned that your degree is sometimes just an admission ticket through the door.Say for example that you graduate from college with a degree in economics. After a year, you can’t find a job where you can implement what you learned in studying economics.One of your congregants submitted a comment to this blog because he does not feel able to get open responses from you directly. There are so many things about the letter that concern me. Goldberg pledges “I will be transparent with you regarding what I know and how and why I did or didn’t act”. Having private meetings with individuals to discuss this only ensures that no others with knowledge of what happened will be present to contradict his statements. Who are they and how do we take appropriate measures to protect our children from them?

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You receive an interview request from Company X and you decide to go for it.

Company X enjoys your warm personality and feels you would be a beneficial asset to the company. After your first two weeks of learning the ropes, you are handed your first big project.

This project has nothing to do with economics, but instead, will require a lot of interpersonal communication.

He pledges “I will always put the safety, security and protection of our children first.”. What is he doing to protect our children from him right now? Has a decision been made to try to force Andron out of here?

Brander take to protect the thousands of children that Andron has had access to at Boca Raton Synagogue for the last 30 years?

He doesn’t even identify the convicted sex offenders even though their names are public record.

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