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It's good to know that I could research everything I might need to know on this one site. Thirty-five years later, I became constipated again and recalled my early success and turned once more to colon therapy.I am still in the learning process and will be using the Optimal Health Network for all my questions. Right then and there she took me to a colon therapist. I found a woman in Madison in 1992 whom I saw 3 times, 6 weeks apart. I am 81 years old and I know colon hydrotherapy helps me to stay vibrant. I'm an absolute novice that just started about two weeks ago.

If you don't do the demonstration the instrutor will make no hesitations in giving you a failing grade on the subject even if you aced the other demonstrations.

And since it's just a demo, those of us who are uncomfortable with it can demonstrate it with the mannequins in our nursing lab. maybe u cn talk it out with ur dean & ask her if it's rly dat necessary to do that because in other nursing schools where i luckily belong to, we are not required to do such.

Maybe your instructor zealously believes in the saying "experience is the best teacher" or " to truly care for a patient, you must experience being one".

The main point of the post is to find out if it's a normal practice in all nursing schools so I can actually do something about it, maybe complain to the dean, and not to have someone lecture me about my choices.

And if you've read the other posts its very clear that an actual enema demo is NOT done in most nursing schools. And if you are do they actually do this in your school?

actually, pwedeng pagkakitaan ito ng mga patambay-tambay lang na mga tao dyan.

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