Conservative dating web sites


On other websites, Pam says there is a "great un-said" surrounding sexuality.People don't discuss it openly, and the biggest hurdle in the beginning of a relationship is determining how long the other person thinks you should wait to become intimate.'" She and the first single man decided not to take the relationship to the next level after a couple of months because of the man's issues with commitment."It had nothing to do with me," Pam said, "but we had a great time. We had great conversations and a lot of similar interests." They also shared some laughs over the fact that they'd met on Ashley Madison.He, too, had joined out of curiosity as well as frustration with typical dating websites.He came from a conservative background, Pam said, "so he kept apologizing... With loads of quality features to help you connect with friends and singles in your area and worldwide.

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Pam was surprised to find that on Ashley Madison, where she met two men with whom she had satisfying relationships, this was not an issue.

At first, Pam decided to set herself up on Ashley Madison, "partially out of curiosity and partially out of [a sense of] 'I have nothing to lose, no one knows who I am, so why not?

Pam (whose name has been changed for anonymity) is a 50-year-old divorcée with a rich social life and a demanding job.

She tried to find men to date on and Zoosk, but didn't have much luck.

There's judgment around that — you're seen as being slutty or a hussy.

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