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A lovely Georg Jensen sterling silver brooch, pattern number 266. An interesting set of 6 Fiddle pattern tableforks, made in 1815, the year of the battle of Waterloo.

A rare sterling silver cooks measuring spoon, we have not encountered one of these before.It dates back to Charles Marais of the farm Plasir de Merle, who arrived in the Cape in 1688, and was "murdered by a Hottentot on the farm in 1689".Note - we have other matching items with the Marais Family armorial.A fabulous sterling silver soup ladle in the popular Fiddle, Thread and Shell pattern, with engraved Marais Family coat of arms, which is very clear.The ladle is a substantial size and weight, the quality is excellent.He was an associate of the Prince of Wales (later King George IV), and guarded the door when the Prince secretly married Mrs Fitzherbert (source Wikipedia).

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