My best friend is dating another guy

I'd be much more open to space if she wasn't dating another guy already but thats not the case.

Even though she's with him, she has been very good to me in a sense that she goes above and beyond not to lead me on.

I'm depressed and hurt and I just haven't been myself for a month now. Look on-line, there's a lot of stuff about the no-contact rule. Trust me, it's a lot easier to give this advice than to act on it.

I just want to get back together with her so that I can give her the ring I bought after asking her to marry me (of course after some time to re-kindle things). Believe me, I'm going through similar feelings at the moment. I understand that you want to fight, and you should, because you'll never be able to blame you afterwards for not trying hard enough.

Not sure if this thread died yet or what, but I randomly found this on the internet cause I'm sort of in a similar situation.

Buddy your story is so close to what happened in every detail to my EX g/f its staggering...

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I've done absolutley everything possible to get her back.

That will stay with you forever..if you do get back together it will always be in the back of your head. I just wanted to comment on this because I am in the exact same situation down to every detail. I've lost some weight, started going out more, making new friends. I love this girl with all my heart but in the end it seems its not enough.

It's for the best to step away from the situation, DO NOT TAKE ON HER PROBLEMS AS YOUR OWN. Hope this helps, best wishes in the land of women...a.k.a. We had nearly been together for 3 years, was gonna ask her to marry me right after Christmas, she needs space, 1 week after breaking up she's dating another guy. You seem to have been the perfect boyfriend yet that wasn't good enough for her. I know it's hard but you'll find someone else out there whose even better.

Seeing that she is with another guy and appears to be so serious with him so quick, I just don't know. I need to know if space really is a good idea at this point.

I've tried everything else and have been the most perect guy ever.

I was also shoppingfor engagement rings and I felt like asking her to marry me this Christmas!!!

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