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A mobile affiliate network is a mobile platform that serves as a middleman solution between mobile advertisers, such as mobile app owners or any businesses that sell a product or service via mobile web, and affiliates (or ‘publishers’) that are engaged at performance-based advertising for the former.It operates based either on CPA (cost-per-action) model, when affiliates get a reward, when such action as an app install or any product / service purchase takes place or Revenue Sharing model, when affiliates get certain percentage of revenue that they generate for advertisers.Finally, providing additional incentives in a form of a loyal program, rewards and contests often makes affiliates decision to prefer specific app affiliate network.Bloggers and webmasters make money online every day with free affiliate marketing programs. The solution is to get your own FREE affiliate account and make as much as 0 a day, with NO effort and ZERO cost.Another feature that stands the company’s affiliate program apart from the rest is a loyalty program that provides a number of rewards for Click Dealer partners.Also the company provides publishers with a special list offers that is always less than a week old.

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Button is a New-York based mobile-monetization platform for mobile app and mobile website owners, founded in 2014.

The program pays you a commission for every sale that the visitor makes, or for every new visitor who signs up for a promotion. The visitor who clicks on your Amazon ad will pay the standard prices for their purchases at Amazon, but you receive a small commission from Amazon for sending the customer.

Most of the major web sites, like Amazon and e Bay, have set up affiliate programs to develop traffic to their sites.

The first key factor that distinguish a successful app affiliate network is its relationships with advertisers and ability to provide publishers with high quality traffic offers in lots of geo locations and verticals.

The second one is the level of customer support, educational materials providing and training to help affiliate marketers to generate more revenue.

For publishers and media buyers (or ‘affiliates’) CPA programs offer the ability to generate significant revenues with the right traffic.

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