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It turns out I was lucky to see my webcam’s light go on.Whether or not someone was hacking into my camera, it made me think of the possibility.It’s been like that for years, leading some to think I’m a bit paranoid. The Hill newspaper reported in 2016 that then Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey said all government offices have camera covers on their screens.He went on to say that it’s common sense and basically everyone should be doing it. Anyone who’s managed to infect your PC with a Remote Access Trojan could be watching you this very moment. Mark Zuckerberg apparently uses tape to cover his webcam, but that just looks silly. But what if those doors were glass, and everyone could see your private dance party? Even if you’re doing nothing wrong, a pair of watchful eyes can raise your stress levels. In an age when you can be publicly judged (and condemned) based on a single recorded moment, it pays to behave. You’re walking a tightrope above a crowd waiting for you to fall.

If you’re an AVG Internet Security user, you’ll have gotten Webcam Protection with the free security update we pushed to you on September 26. Try it and Webcam Protection absolutely free for 30 days.

Now part of AVG Internet Security, Webcam Protection blocks malware and untrusted apps from hijacking your PC’s webcam. With Webcam Protection on your side, you can be guaranteed that no one’s watching you through your PC’s webcam.

And if you’ve got a cat, you’ll soon have a hairball staring back at you every time you sit down at your computer. With Webcam Protection, you can: Forget the silly pieces of tape, and just be yourself again.

You'll now be free to stream on Mixer as usual, with your camera embedded as a part of your stream.

By Amy Iverson, Deseret News Oftentimes when I open up my laptop in a public setting, someone will ask, “Why do you have a piece of tape over your camera?

Kicking off its arrival, Microsoft is pushing webcam support for streamers – specifically through the company's own live streaming service, Mixer.

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