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That mouthwatering scent from the grill strikes you as soon as you haul open the wooden doors.The welcome from OAKS’ staff is just as warm and enticing.There was no mistaking the quality of the menus at OAKS, a new independent restaurant which has proved a massive hit in Nottingham.

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I thought I was quite adventurous trying the “Curious Lager” – until I noticed that the alternatives included Brewdog Dead Pony Pale Ale and Pullers Organic Honey Dew.It goes through the Clumber Country Park and past Rufford Abbey, as well as Robin Hood Hills, Thieves Wood and Fountain Dale.Other draws include the Sherwood Forest Art and Craft Centre, the 1,000-year-old Major Oak, and Thynghowe, a medieval meeting place where people came to resolve disputes.Back next door at the Park Plaza, the multi-award-winning Pan-Asian cuisine at Chino Latino Restaurant Bar looked every bit as good. STAYING THERE: Accommodation for up to two adults and two children costs an average of £142.50 per night. j Query(document).ready(function($){ if($('#sticky_skyscraper').length){ var ss_top = $('#sticky_skyscraper').offset().top; var ss_height = $('#sticky_skyscraper').height(); if($('.social-network-bar').length)else{ var stop_at = $('.And the handy location means you can save on taxis — or even the stagecoach – by hoofing it around on foot.

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