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The Greenhouse was fitted with picture molding and track lighting to create an exhibit space for graduate student artists - whose field is not art. We also partner with other student clubs and organizations to hold social networking events for graduate and professional students between different fields and disciplines such as Veterans Happy Hour, GPSA Inter-field Mixers, LBGTQ Mixers and Salsa Son Dances.

The Big Red Barn is the heart of Cornell's Ithaca campus for our graduate students and their families.

We have also added Speed Dating, Writing Boot Camps, TA Grading Breaks, and an Annual Faculty/Student Wine & Cheese Reception, to name a few.

The Big Red Barn has become a place for graduate students to bring their spouses/partners and children for pumpkin carving, egg coloring, Cornell Plantation events, craft projects, and Kid’s Science – when graduate students get to show off their research with hands-on learning experiences that kids love.

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With support from the Graduate & Professional Student Activity Fee, we are making some technology and media upgrades to the space so students can come together and watch worldwide events such as Presidential Debates, World Cup Soccer & Cricket Tournaments and the Super Bowl, to name a few.

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Twenty-five years ago, on February 6th, 1992, the Big Red Barn opened as the Graduate and Professional Student Center (GPSC), a gathering place for Cornell’s advanced degree students.

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