Intimidating shout bandage macro

Of course the effect is greater the better your gear is, but regular dps gear with lots of stam is fine too. mean more damage with impale boosting your offensive abilities, but also more rage per white hit, leading to you being able to use more abilities, or use them sooner than without crit.

Protip: play with these two pieces to also piss off casters It is what makes your burst damage, a warrior that doesn't crit will be almost useless.

With your weapon in hands, you gaze upon the battlefield.

As the enemy approaches, you stand ready, unbridled rage flowing through you, contemplating the carnage that is about to happen.

That's right, you are a warrior, an unwavering beast waiting to be unleashed into continued massacre.

swing: an auto attack or white hit RNG: random number generator CC: crowd control MS: mortal strike WW: whirlwind BR: berzerker rage PH: piercing howl HS: heroic strike FC: flag carrier EFC: enemy flag carrier EFR: enemy flag room EROOF: enemy roof CD: cooldown GCD: global cooldown proc: effect triggered by an attack, based on rng Keep in mind that the lack of mortal strike will make most encounters against healers a lot harder.

Their size is also a notable advantage in pvp, especially in huge crowds when pointing them can be a real chore, or -if you are like me- when you sometimes fail at the Tab button.

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Escape Artist cannot be resisted in vanilla and it's cooldown is only one minute.

It's tricky to exploit to it's fullest, since when you are low on health you don't always want to be offensive, but it can give you a nice payoff.

It doesn't reduce heals on you by any% so consider using an hp potion right after it.

For warrior this trait is pretty much op since you are very vulnerable to immobilize and slow effects, often leaving you with the only option of watching your enemy get away or cast a deadly spell on you if you aren't engineer.

As such, gnome is by far the best alliance warrior pvp race.

Weapon skill only matters in world pvp or duels, and is useless in battlegrounds(and the arena) where it follows a formula based on the character's level.

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