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Sharing his happy news, he also uploaded a sonogram photograph of his unborn baby yesterday (September 18). He told Digital Spy: "I had a legal issue with some people - before I got signed to Cash Money - who prevented me from putting out music for a year and a half.

As some of you may now know, me and the wifey tharanatalie are expecting a Lil Sheezy... Jay Sean's recent album failed to chart in the US and UK following "legal issues".

In Parents' Day, Emma writes a paper, that gets entered in The Degrassi Grapevine, about how N. In The Mating Game, Emma and Toby are working on a project together.

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Sean takes Emma by the hand and leads her onto the dance floor and they then share a dance together. is using their platform to advertise irrelevent products, and only reporting on one side of a story. Later, Emma and Sean instant message each other in the computer lab at school, and joke about the incident ending with him admiring what she did.In Friday Night, Sean asks Emma to hang out with him on Friday night, however, she isn't sure whether to interpret it as just friends hanging out or a date, considering that Sean barely answered her with anything more than a "yah." In an effort to get his attention, Emma makes Sean her sole target during a game of dodge ball in gym class.Later on, Paige, whom sees that Emma's crush on Sean is "more obvious than Heather Sinclair's bargain basement nose-job," assures Emma that Sean was, in fact, asking her out on a date.She asks Sean to participate in the dance with her, but he refuses, saying that he does not dance and doesn't want to wear a leotard.Seeing this as an opportunity to impress Emma, Toby agrees to helps her.Emma asks Sean later what his brother meant by this.

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