Leo woman dating a leo man


This is not something that he does out of insecurity, but something that he finds necessary to seduce the subject of his desire.He will show off, make you laugh and be the biggest hero you could have ever hoped for.Dating him can be just like dating the king – classy, sparkly and pompous.If you are a shy, tender soul, you will probably not enjoy the gestures of love that sometimes seem like he only wants to look good, not even to other people, but to himself.This is not the man that will spend his time in guilt, not secure about his decisions and choices of partners.He will lie only if he doesn’t want to deal with the boring consequences of his words, never out of fear.

The most important thing to remember about Leo is that his seemingly superficial nature is not superficial at all.If anyone is waiting for Prince Charming, he might be found in Leo, for he feels and acts like royalty.Unfortunately, this can sometimes be taken quite literally and he can act as if he is a spoiled prince, lazy, bossy and thinking that he is the center of the Universe.This can take away a lot of his energy and he should always be free to feel the same warm and cuddly sensation that makes his heart jump.He is the king after all, and the true king has the biggest heart.It is very important for his partner to build the intimacy during his outer performance, and this can be quite a challenge.

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