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[T]here is absolutely no way that the District Tech people are going to monitor students at home.... With Di Medio's approval, Perbix e-mailed the student intern, also dismissing the student's concern: [T]his feature is only used to track equipment … The only information that this feature captures is IP and DNS info from the network it is connected to, and occasional screen/camera shots of the computer being operated....

If we were going to monitor student use at home, we would have stated so. The tracking feature does NOT do things like record web browsing, chatting, email, or any other type of "spyware" features that you might be thinking of.

Furthermore, a locating device would record the laptop's Internet (IP) address, enabling district technicians to discover which city the laptop was located and its internet service provider.

(A subpoena to the provider would be required to pinpoint the exact location.) After sending the image to the school's server, the laptop was programmed to erase the "sent" file created on the laptop.

That way, there would not be any trace by which students might realize that they were being watched and photographed.

Further, LANrev could be programmed to capture webcam pictures and screen captures automatically, and store them on the laptop's hard disk for later retrieval in areas of the computer's storage that were not accessible by the student, and which could be deleted remotely.

It was part of the school district's One-to-One initiative.

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Kline admitted the school could covertly photograph students using the laptops' cameras.It cost .6 million, less than a third of which was covered by grants.While Theft Track was not enabled by default on the software, the program allowed the school district to elect to activate it, and to enable whichever of Theft Track's surveillance options the school desired.However, what was appalling was that not only did the District not inform parents and students of this fact …[W]hile you may feel that you can say that this access will not be abused, I feel that this is not enough to ensure the integrity of students, and that even if it was no one would have any way of knowing (especially end-users).In addition, two members of the Harriton High School student council twice privately confronted their Principal, Steven Kline, more than a year prior to the suit.

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