Gay dating for christians

We must remember that before we start clinging and conditioning ourselves to any identity through gender, race, religion or social status, we are ALL human beings first.

As human beings, the core of our existence is dependent on values that are also modeled in the Christian faith.

These values include tolerance, love and acceptance.

So the answer is yes - you can be Christian and gay! Being gay is accepting yourself when others are not accepting of you. Being gay is being who you are -- even though you don't understand it. Being gay is gentleness, warmth and sensitivity, when you are not at war with the outside world. Being gay is different, and the definition of different is not "bad." 13.

You neednt separate your faith from your being for they both make up whom you are. Being gay is reaching the autumn of your years and wondering why you have spent most of your life trying to get acceptance from people who don't know you and who don't understand you. Being gay is YOU -- and nothing in this world is more important than that.

Many may argue that thousands of years of Biblical principles cannot be wrong. Anybody can take a passage from the Bible and misconstrue it to validate any argument. If we were to obey and accept every Biblical reading as moral guidance, than wed still have slavery, our children would be sacrificed, men would have short hair and not shave, women would be silent and the world would still be considered flat. We also know the world is much bigger than we once thought and its full of things that we are still struggling to understand despite humanitys spiritual and scientific maturity. Being gay is not chosen, if it were, there would be no gays. Being gay is to be ridiculed about something you can do nothing about. Women seeking women is not taboo in this day and age.

Weve seen them chanting homophobic slurs and holding up offensive placards at Mardi Gras parades, town halls, even at funerals and weddings, all with the intention to discriminate and shame those who give in to their temptations!

This ideology is reflected in TLCs upcoming TV series My Husbands Not Gay which follows married Mormon men who are attracted to men.Yet isnt this intolerant behavior a sin itself, more so than whom a person loves?Does it not defy the essence of God, who is an all-mighty being of unconditional love and acceptance?Přečtěte si další informace, mimo jiné i to, jaké máte možnosti: zásady používání souborů cookie. The words "gay" and "Christian" are not often used in the same sentence. References in the Bible have suggested that homosexuality is a sin and there are some die-hard Christians who wont let anyone forget this.Besides, the Bible reflected the culture of that time and during that time levirate marriages (where a man can take his dead brothers wife and produce children) and polygamy were also the conventional norm. Gay people exist and so do Christians it shouldnt be about accepting or choosing one lifestyle over the other. Online dating sites like Girlfriends Meet accept you regardless of your sexual orientation or spiritual beliefs.

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