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Se lo domandano da tempo le oltre 500mila fans (ma anche i fans) di Bill Kaulitz E l'androgino leader della band tedesca Tokio Hotel non batte ciglio.

Rientrato a Berlino dove si dice abbia comprato anche uno splendido appartamento in pieno centro (lo aveva promesso: se Trump verrà eletto Presidente, lascio gli Usa per sempre…) non sfugge più come un tempo all'obiettivo vorace di fotografi e paparazzi.

While regenerating in Berlin, he stepped outside for a cigarette break with 032c’s Eva Kelley and talked about the habits of nicotine and why Los Angeles is the perfect hideaway.

Eva Kelley: Do you know that game where you pick your ideal dinner party guests – dead or alive? It was intense, but I think it’s the best tour we’ve played so far. Every time we go to Russia, it feels a little more tense.

Tickets will be on sale tomorrow: Moscow 12am (CET) Berlin Show Tickets 2pm (CET) Berlin Upgrades 4pm (CET) #tokiohotel #berlin #dreammachine #upgrade Russian Encore!

In 2001, four kids from Magdeburg, Germany founded a rock band and called it “Tokio Hotel.” The quartet’s hit single “Durch den Monsun” [Through the Monsoon] flooded Europe and caused a frenzy among teenagers.

Some how he has to find a balance between being a sixteen year old student and being in a relationship in with very own twin brother, which is against every single gang rule.

However, their secret love life doesn't stay secret for long.

How long can the twin's keep face before they both crack?Sometimes, I feel like it doesn’t really matter what we do, because for them, the band is more of a lifestyle. But there’s a new crowd that is discovering Tokio Hotel for the first time now. ” It’s ridiculous that someone would follow such a rule. They were introduced to us with this new music and style. I’m not a very healthy person, in the LA sense of “healthy.” So, I feel like a little alien there. Così, in una delle tante pause che si è concesso con il gemello Tom dopo la recente tournée - non proprio un successo come lui stesso ammette- è stato intercettato in una lussuosa spa mentre cenava a lume di candela con l'ex di Lapo Elkann, la modella tedesca di Teheran, ex Miss Deutschland e Miss Europa.E mentre il rampollo di casa Agnelli passa da una guaio giudiziario all'altro, lei si consola con i due (quasi) innocenti gemellini che oggi hanno 27 anni.Estaba enamorado, muy enamorado, pero debía cobijarse en los brazos del secreto, aunque, este no le pudiese ayudar cuando era descubierto mirándolo o pensando solo en él, y tampoco lo ayudaba cuando en lugar de decir un «En ti», decía: En nada…

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