Dating the jjang from

In front of ZEZE building, Mom again gives a talisman for Suho to Bonui so she can hide it in his book or whatever.

There, they meet chicken Ahjussi but Mom pretends not knowing him.

She hangs up and thanks Suho for being considerate of Gewi.Bonui unconsciously tries to fix her bangs and Gewi is pissed.He walks towards the man, ready to give him his piece of mind to only greet with an unfamiliar face that turns out to be a reporter who keeps asking him about his dad.Suho asks Bonui about her parents and she tells him about her series of unfortunate events.Bonui expects Suho to make fun of her but instead he touches her heart by sympathizing with her.Back in Zeze office, Dalnim and Seung Hyun surprised to see a messed up graphic Gewi, accusing male ZEZE avengers that they have something to do with it.

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