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These three different conditions don’t make her less or more feminine.How feminine, and then passable as a woman will look like a transsexual girl, depends on different factors.I like transsexuals women non-op, I’m not with my ts girlfriend to fulfil a fantasy, I truly do love her, and, of course, I like the fact that she is non-op in intimacy. Because sometimes people take too literally some definition, without knowing well its real meaning, and leaving important details out.I love her femininity, and to me, she is not less woman than any other one. Let’s put for example, that you are a man and you want to meet a transexual, but you know nothing of what I mentioned till now. Let me share with you what I learned all these years of relationship with transsexuals women. According to the title topic, precisely, sex change for transsexuals it’s intended to replace her most intimate part, her genitalia.And most of all, you will even prove yourself of being not the classic lusty one after mere fantasies.That your knowledge is based NOT only on porn and other bullshits.

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And this gift of nature is what makes a trans woman look naturally feminine.

The first thing that a transsexual woman want is to look most feminine possible.

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Sometimes hormones, makeup, feminine clothes could be not enough to give her enough self-confident or self-acceptance or satisfaction as lady look.

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