Dating standel amplifiers

Fender Princeton – Not the Princeton reverb, but the smaller amps based on two 6V6 tubes. These are too tame for many guitar players and can still be had for under 0. Gibson GA-40 from the mid 1950’s – This is a killer amp. It had a 4×10 speaker configuration and minimalist circuitry. I have been told this is the best alternative to a ’59 Bassman that you can get and the heads go for about .

If you have to cut it with guitar players, your best bet is to get something with 2 12-inch speakers or 4 10-inch speakers and 2 6L6 tubes. I found the one I played through to be too sensitive and got a lot of feedback, but everyone swears by them. The cabinets are very cool and you can slide the head into the back of the cabinet for transportation. These are great harp amps and readily available at affordable prices.

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The time and server space required to post the actual covers is prohibitive.

For 0 you can get an amp combo that sounds even better than the bassman. This is a buttery smooth amp that breaks up nicely and resists feedback. Gibson GA90 – I am told this is one of Kim Wilson’s favorites.

The Astatic JT-30 microphone is the perfect Harmonica mic for use with a vintage tube amps.

In the dawn of the World Wide Web (1994), harp player Keith Graham created the JT30 page.

It started out as a home page for modifying JT30 microphones.

Condition is Very Good with some light-moderate impact denting.

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