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Elected President in 1946, Perón undertook radical industrial and labour reforms.

Despite winning re-election in 1953, he was exiled by the military in 1955.

The name Argentina derives from the Latin word for silver. Argentina's population is approximately 43.6million (2016), composed mostly of the descendants of European immigrants.

The Argentine indigenous population is estimated at just below two per cent of the total.

The ensuing period of repression under the military junta, known as the 'Dirty War', resulted in over 9,000 recorded political murders and disappearances. Since that time, the country's democratic institutions have been consolidated.

This has not, however, been matched by similarly enduring financial and economic stability.

The country will hold mid-term elections in October 2017 ahead of Presidential elections in October 2019.

In 2001, a profound economic crisis provoked serious civil unrest and resulted in the resignation of then President De la Rúa in December.

After a period of transition under a caretaker administration, presidential elections were held in 2003 in which Néstor Kirchner came to power.

We are both large Southern Hemisphere nations with relatively small populations and strong resource bases.

Australia and Argentina agreed in principle to exchange diplomatic missions in December 1959, with Argentina opening its first post in Sydney in 1962 (moving to Canberra in 1963).

Argentina declared independence from Spain in 1816.

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