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(one-minute pause) Text 8: For "realz." Next: The Bored Texter, The Show-and-Teller, and more...6. And hears it vibrating violently every two minutes.The Bored Texter You've just finished a sufficiently long and entertaining texting exchange with someone, and now you're ready to put your phone down for a little while. When the lights come up at the end of the flick, call up a friend and loudly discuss how rude the guy texting throughout the entire movie was. Next: The Lingering K and the Needs-to-Grow-a-Pair Texter...9.While you’re waiting you can still use other parts of the Childline website and get support from the message boards or Ask Sam. We know it can sometimes be scary talking to counsellors. You might be unsure about what to say or how they'll react. They're a bunch of different people, some old and some young.They all work for us in the UK but many come from different countries like Poland, Ghana, Australia, India, China, France and other places. But most importantly, they all care about young people and give up some of their time to volunteer as counsellors.Or contact a counsellor online using 1-2-1 counsellor chat. If you go abroad and need to contact Childline, you might be charged.But you can still get support and advice from our website. Calls are not recorded and your number won't show up on any phone bills.

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It looks like this: "Soooo..." Or, "What upppp." Or, "la la la..." Clearly, they have nothing else to say and just want something to do. We're huge advocates of love and being in love and enjoying that love. You get a message asking how your day went or if you'll be free at a certain time, so you send back a detailed and informative reply. You open the message and it says..."k." Do people not even have the decency to include the o?

If you need to contact us again, we'll always be here for you. Calls are free from landlines and mobiles in the UK. Even if you don't have credit on your mobile phone you can still call us for free. Calls may be chargeable from mobiles and the number will appear on your mobile bill.

To call us free from the Channel Islands, try using a landline or phone box.

When you call us on 0800 1111 you’ll come through to our switchboard.

It’s confidential and you don’t have to give your name if you don’t want to.

Send a text saying, "Running, watching movies, reading books, baking." Your buddy will get the point that some people actually have a life. People gushing on and on about their amazing love life? Not only do you have to listen to them tell every insignificant story about how cute it was that their boyfriends ate pancakes for dinner and woke up with a funny hairdo, but you also have to read all of their SUPER-cute texts. The offender doesn't even need to reply to the message.

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