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Some of the highlight events included a Commemorative forum and Policy Wall.

These highlighted UWI contribution to policy formation in the region.

The policy wall focused primarily on the contribution of the Medical faculty as they too celebrated 70 years being the first faculty at the UCWI.

Professor Eldemire-Shearer noted that students that attend UWI Research days get ideas for their SBAs and often make contact with UWI researchers for further guidance and academic development.

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All within six categories: inclusive of new products, policies and practices.It is these connections that reaffirm UWI as the institution of choice.Homecoming Week Celebrations February 16, 1950 the first Chancellor, Princess Alice of Athlone, was installed.This date now marks the founding of the University, our Homecoming and now its 70th anniversary.Sandre Malcolm Student Outreach and Marketing Coordinator talking with Tashika Taylor of UWI Marketing Recruitment and Communication outlined a raft of events for this years celebrations.Research days are that time of year the UWI showcases what have been done through out the year building on the previous years.

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