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When Mike and Tina play on one in a hallway, Sue interrupts them by snapping the piano strings with wire cutters, and is praised for doing so by an arts-hating teacher, who promises to vote for her.An inspired Sue goes on television and vows that, if elected, she will cut all funding for school arts programs until all students read at or above grade level.Rachel continues to try and get Finn back, despite this.Quinn and Finn then start a secret relationship, leaving a suspicious Rachel.

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She makes Santana Lopez and Becky Jackson cheerleading co-captains, to their mutual disgust, and gets their pledge to help her sabotage the glee club.

After New Directions performs “We Got the Beat” in the cafeteria, Becky starts a food fight that targets the club.

After she and Jesse break up in Funk, Rachel is single, and she and Finn begin to date in Journey.

In season two, the two apparently had a very good summer, and are still dating.

Following lunch, Sugar Motta auditions, but cannot sing in tune.

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