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I assume this is because he can "remember" what it feels like to talk, the vibrations in his mouth and head. For me it was like learning sounds for the first time. If I'm not concentrating, I would be speaking louder and not finishing my sentences.

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It's not an easy thing to wear, there's a magnet that's "attached" to a piece of metal that's under my skin so it's a visible thing. I didn't have tinnitus with the hearing aids, but after I got the implant and if I don't wear it for a while, I get tinnitus.

I think that [people that can hear] are able to automatically decipher and filter out the unnecessary noise to hear what they want to hear.

When you read about people complaining about, like maybe they don't like rap music or they think a certain musical score for a film is really stupid or maybe they are complaining about the music in a café being played too loud and it ruins the atmosphere, or people complaining that car alarms are a nuisance.

But in either case, I just create the melody in my head to go with the dancing that I see. I can tell if there is musical accompaniment, but not always sure what exactly... We used to have a piano and I could tell the difference between the keys - like on the right side are the higher tones and the left side is the deeper tones. I took Latin in college but that's a dead language.

I don't even know if i'm using the right vocabulary. In opera, there is an orchestra and I can't separate the instruments unless it's really emphasized. I sing sometimes in the shower, or in the car - alone. I have a small tiny knowledge of French, German and Spanish.

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