Istoricheskije dating


Trudy gosudarstvennogo Ermitazha XLLX [Emergence of russian statehood in context of early middleages of the Old World. [Which language did southern Balts spoke before Slavs?

Vozniknovenie Drevnerusskogo gosudarstva i skandinavskie politicheskie obrazovaniia v Zapadnoiy Evrope [Establishment of the state of ancient Rus' and scandinavian political formations in Eastern Europe], in: Slozhenie russkoiy gosudarstvennosti v kontekste rannesrednevekovoiy istorii starogo sveta. Novgorodskyje byliny 1978 - Novgorodskie byliny [Byliny of Novgorod], Moscow, 1978 [in Russian]. Na kakom yazyke govorili na uge Baltiki do slavyan?

PVL 2007 - Povest vremennyh let / Podgotovka teksta , perevod, statji I kommentarii D.

3-e izdanie [Tale of Bygone Years / Preparation of text, translation, articles and commentary by D.

REGARDING THE NAME HELGI (PART TWO) Lidia Groth The Russian Salon society (Lulea, Sweden) e-mail: [email protected] The article analyzes the Scandinavian name Helgi and demonstrates the fallacy of its identification with the name Oleg.

The article uncovers the author’s ideas regarding the true origin of the names Oleg and Olga: they came from the most archaic name layer that developed on the basis of the Indo-European language substratum in Eastern Europe.

Keywords: name Helgi, Oleg the Seer, Oleg of Novgorod, name Olga, sobriquet, Orvar-Odds saga, old Rus' names, Indo-European substratum, hydronyms of the Russian Plain.

Saga ob Odde Strele 2009 - Saga ob Odde Strele (perevod G.

Jyazychestvo drevnih slavyan [Paganizm of ancient Slavs], Moscow, 1997 [in Russian].

Lydi jantarnogo morya [The Balts, People of the amber sea], Moscow, 2004 [in Russian]. Drevneskandinavskie istochniki [Ancient Russ in the spotlight of the foreign sources. Ob imeni Hel’gi (pervaja chast’) [Regarding the Name Helgi (part one)], in: Istoricheskij format [Historical format].

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