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1738 - Laszczyn, died in 1799 - Pawlowice, the owner of PAWLOWICE, m.

in 1771, Mierzyszyn, to Konstancja Hutten-Czapska, 1749-1813; with daughter Css Katarzyna Mielzynska 1775-1817, m.

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Erazm Mycielski was a supporter of the Deputation, he was under influence of Dionizy Mniewski, Franciszek Ksawery Dmochowski and Jzef Kalasanty Szaniawski, but he did not share their stand to Tadeusz Kosciuszko and Jan Henryk Dabrowski. Parandier, the project of establishing Polish military formations with the help of France.

On February 19, 1796, Erazm Mycielski went with Dabrowski from Warsaw to Berlin to discuss with French representatives, A. In Berlin, Erazm also was the representative of the Central Assembly in Warsaw.

in 1698, and Wirydianna Raczynska-Mielzynska-Bninska b. In 1793, Wirydianna Radolinska-Kwilecka moved to Chobienice, with independence from her husband; after her divorce from first husband Wirydianna left with two children and settled in Warsaw. -1821), was a daughter of Jan Radolinski 1726-1796 and Brygida or Maria Brygida Galecki / Brygida Malecka; Petronela nee Radolinska was granddaughter of Jzef Stefan Radolinski of Wschowa b. Jzef Stefan Radolinski lived at the court of Polish King, Jan III Sobieski; clerk in Wschowa (see Sulkowski).

It was there that she met General Stanislaw Fiszer, to whom she married in 1806. Jzef Stefan had 7 children: youngest son Jan Radolinski 1726-1796 was owner of Jarocin, but his brother Jzef Stanislaw Radolinski born 1730 - died in 1781 in Winnogra, the Szamotuly County, was father of Antonina Maria Breza and Wiridianna / Wirydianna Fiszer-Kwilecka (see General Stanislaw Fiszer, Radolinski of Wola Pszczolecka, General Franciszek Paszkowski, Armand Konstantynowicz, Lenin Inessa Armand, Tadeusz Kosciuszko). 1680 - died in 1740 was brother of Zofia Walewska 1677 - 1723 who married Kazimierz Walewski.

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Wirydianna Fiszerowa / Fiszer / Wirydianna Radolinska, Kwilecka b. in Dzialyn in 1826 (Dzialyn - a village in the administrative district of Klecko, in west-central Poland, at way from Klecko to Gniezno); she known Frederick II of Prussia, Izabela Czartoryska, Stanislaw August Poniatowski, Jzef Poniatowski, Jan Henryk Dabrowski, and Tadeusz Kosciuszko; her sisters: Katarzyna b. The parents decided to move from Lobzenica to Winnogra, but the kids were send to grandmother.Edward Jenner (born on May 17, 1749 in Berkeley, Gloucestershire, died on January 26, 1823) - English physician, discoverer of smallpox immunization. [governor of Przemet (1717-1721), the official in Kcynia (1693), 1670-1721, with son Andrzej Mielzynski, 1698-1771, m.Anna Petronela Bninska 1720-1771, and grandson Maksymilian Antoni Jan Mielzynski, b.Kazimierz Walewski was son of Stanislaw Walewski and Katarzyna Lanckoronska.Teodora Ludwika Walewska, Marianna Radolinska and Jzef Kazimierz Colonna Walewski b. 1763 (he had son Atanazy Colonna-Walewski 1733-1815 and daughter Jadwiga Walewska who married in 1762 in Bielawy to Michal / Michael Walewski 1735 / 1740 - 1806) were children of Kazimierz Walewski and Zofia.Anna Konstantynowicz nee ARMAND - she come from Maria Paszkowska, the daughter of General Franciszek Paszkowski. in 1733-1738 the Saxon Electorate prime minister, Count and Prince of the Holy Roman Empire, chamberlain of Augustus III, 1734 Saxon Infantry Major General, grew up at the royal court, was the closest adviser the King and Elector Augustus III.

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