Gurbaksh chahal dating

By April 2014, Chahal ended up pleading guilty to the two misdemeanors and started serving three years of probation.Chahal had gained fame in the tech community after he sold his first ad tech company, Click Agents, for million.Lassart did not have additional coment.painted a picture of a CEO out of control." data-reactid="28"News of the alleged incident didn't come out until May 2015, but the police report painted a picture of a CEO out of control.According to the report, Chahal was angry over the way the woman had spoken to his security guard in a fight over condoms, so while laying in bed, he kicked her in the right leg and thigh multiple times. Police have a cell-phone photograph the woman sent to her husband on the night of the incident, the report says.

Chahal and several Gravity4 employees publicly denied it."As Chairman and CEO of Gravity4, I am shocked at these allegations, as they’re simply baseless, false, and can not be supported by facts."Additionally he would take 10 to 13 pills, antidepressants and sleeping pills one to two hours before bed," the police chronology said."He would also drink alcohol while under the influence of the pills.He eventually hid out in an office until the camera left.After he emerged, Chahal ignored Business Insider's request for comment before he took the stairs out of the building.These are still working their way through the courts." data-reactid="37"A second lawsuit alleges Chahal never paid an employee before wrongfully terminating him.

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